6. Technical requirements

6 Technical requirements

6.2 Graphics

6.2.9 Transparency

Change the second paragraph as follows:

NOTE 1 This requirement ensures that there is always an explicitly defined transparency blending space specified for any content which has associated transparency.

Insert a new NOTE 2 after the existing NOTE (renumbered) as follows:

Note 2 Page transparency can be determined as defined in ISO 32000-2:2020, Annex Q.


6.2.10 Fonts Composite Fonts General

Change the last bullet as follows:

  • ...
  • Otherwise the corresponding values of the Registry and Ordering keys in both CIDSystemInfo dictionaries shall be identical, and the value of the Supplement key in the CIDSystemInfo dictionary of the CIDFont shall be greater less than or equal to the value of the Supplement key in the CIDSystemInfo dictionary of the CMap.

6.7 Metadata

6.7.3 Version identification

Add a new NOTE before Table 2 as follows:

The PDF/A identification schema defined in Table 2 uses the namespace URI https://www.aiim.org/pdfa/ns/id/. The required schema namespace prefix is pdfaid.

NOTE there was an error in a previous edition of this document and implementations may choose to accept "https" in addition to "http" for the namespace URI.

Change Table 2 as follows:

Table 2 - PDF/A identification schema
Property Value type Category Explanation
pdfaid:conformance Closed choice of Text Internal (Optional) PDF/A conformance level: E or F

Last modified: 14 February 2022