10. ECMAScript API

10.1 General

Delete the last paragraph as follows:

More information regarding the ECMAScript core can be found in ISO/IEC 22537.

10.2 Annotation


10.2.2 Annotation types

Change the list as follows:

Sound Deprecated in ISO 32000-2
PrinterMark Deprecated in ISO 32000-2
Screen Deprecated in ISO 32000-2 (replaced by the AnnotRichMedia annotation)

Change Table 1 as follows:

Table 1 - Annotation types and their properties
Annotation type Properties
Sound (deprecated in PDF 2.0) author, borderEffectIntensity, borderEffectStyle, contents, creationDate, delay, hidden, inReplyTo, intent, lock, modDate, name, noView, opacity, page, point, print, readOnly, rect, refType, richContents, rotate, seqNum, soundIcon, strokeColor, style, subject, toggleNoView, type, width

Last modified: 14 February 2022