10. Rendering

10.3 CIE-Based colour to device colour

10.3.1 General


Change the last paragraph as follows:

Conversion from a CIE-based source colour to a CIE-based destination colour shall be performed based on ISO 15076-1:2010 (ICC.1:2010) the appropriate ICC specification (see "Table 66 - ICC profile versions supported by ICCBased colour spaces").

10.6 Halftones

10.6.5 Halftone dictionaries Type 5 halftones

Change Table 132 as follows:

Table 132 - Entries in a Type 5 halftone dictionary
Key Type Value
Default dictionary or
(Required) A halftone that shall be used for any colourant or colour component that does not have an entry of its own. The value shall not be 5. The halftone shall not be a Type 5 halftone. If there are any nonprimary colourants, the default halftone shall have a transfer function.

Last modified: 14 August 2022